More than 30 years after Iran's revolution, its political, military, and international activities continue to challenge and perplex its neighbors and the West. RAND research has informed policymakers on a range of topics, including Iran's domestic environment, its regional relationships, the nuclear negotiations, and broader U.S.-Iran policy.

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    Why Trump's Pressures on Iran Won't Benefit America

    May 25, 2017


    The Trump administration has demonstrated a renewed policy of pressure against Iran. In doing so, it risks losing the ability to leverage the greatest potential source of change in Iran: millions of Iranians who want a better country at peace with the world.

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    The Future of Sectarian Relations in the Middle East

    May 22, 2017

    Martini, et al.

    Sectarianism is shaping developments across the Middle East. But sectarianism is only one lens for understanding the region's conflicts, and some of its drivers are amenable to policy interventions.

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    Iranian Domestic Issues Could Challenge the Nuclear Deal

    May 10, 2017

    Nader , et al.

    The Iran nuclear agreement has proven successful so far, but challenges from within Iran may emerge. The deal could be affected by factional divisions in Iran, the death of the supreme leader, or heightened tensions between Washington and Tehran.

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    Could Iran's Rouhani Lose?

    May 3, 2017


    In this month's presidential election Rouhani is running against Ebrahim Raisi, a trusted member of the revolutionary establishment. The Iranian population continues to live under duress and may be open to new candidates. The Iran nuclear deal hasn't resulted in the great economic windfall Rouhani promised.

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    Sticking with the Complicated U.S.-Iran Relationship

    Mar 2, 2017


    The United States and Iran differ on many issues, but they signed what has so far been a successful nuclear agreement and both seek to defeat the Islamic State. The U.S. would have more to gain by sticking with the relationship than by pursuing a policy of “regime change.”

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    Iran Is at Putin's Mercy

    Jan 12, 2017


    Russia and Iran have forged an unprecedented but fragile alliance in the Middle East. But there's no guarantee that Putin won't sell Iran out if he manages to forge better U.S. relations under Trump.

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